D & D Auto Repair

D&D Auto Repair Offers Full Service on all Makes & Models of Cars & Trucks

From our fully equipped garage in Long Prairie, our trained and experienced mechanics are able to perform any maintenance, inspections or repairs that your vehicle requires to get you where you’re going. Please contact us any time to discuss what your car or truck might need, or to schedule an appointment with our experts.

Inspections & Diagnostics

We have the technology to run full engine and electrical diagnostics on your vehicle. Whether your check engine light has come on and you’re not certain why, your vehicle is not performing optimally, or you require a DOT or other type of inspection, we’re standing by to determine just what condition your vehicle is in. Once we have detected a problem, we’re ready to address it with every tool and technique at our disposal.

Maintenance & Repair

D & D Auto Repair’s technicians are experienced with everything it takes to keep a vehicle running smoothly. Whether you are coming for routine maintenance or a specific repair, we are the ones to rely upon for quick oil changes, battery replacement, air conditioning and heating service, exhaust system repair, and much, much more.

Tires, Brakes, Alignment, & More

We know what it takes to keep your vehicle in peak driving condition. Trust us to service your brake system-including ABS, replace and align your tires and monitor their pressure system, optimize your steering and suspension systems, and replace your wheel bearings. The totality of our approach to vehicle maintenance is all part of our commitment to keeping you safe on the road, as well as the reason our clients return to us time and time again.